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Sensei Rowland Costin (4th Dan) is Chief Instructor of the Saikyou Karate club. He started his Karate training when he was 14 and has been training in Karate on and off for over 35 years. He was graded to 2nd Dan JKA by Tanaka Sensei at the JKA spring international course in Guildford 2007. In December 2012 he passed his 3rd Dan under Sensei Ohta. In December 2018 he passed his 4th Dan Under Sensei Imamura  and Sensei Hanzaki. He has trained with some of the top Karate masters in the world, including Sensei’s Enoeda, Kanazawa, Ueki, Osaka, Tanaka, Ochi, Ohta, Naka and many more. 

Rowland holds an EKF coaching licence and has JKA International Instructor, Referee and Examiner D-License qualifications, along with Professional indemnity insurance. Rowland also holds a Sports First aid certificate; NSPCC Chiold protection course; DBS (CRB) to enhanced level and a Level 2 Health & Safety qualification.

Rowland has competed at national level in both Kata and Kumite and regularly judges at National and local JKAE competitions.


Sensei Ilona Costin (3rd Dan) is an Instructor at the Saikyou Karate club and has been training in Karate since 2007. Ilona has competed at National level and took 2nd Place for Kata and 3rd place for Kumite in the 2009 JKAE National Championships. Ilona Passed her Shodan examination in September 2011 under Osaka Sensei and passed her Nidan under Ohta Sensei in November 2013. In May 2018, Ilona passed her Sandan (3rd Dan) under Sensei Imura and Sensei Kobayashi. She has trained under many JKA Masters including Sensei's Osaka, Ueki, Ohta, Imamura, Nakata, Naka and many others. 

Ilona has an EKF coaching licence, as well as JKA International Instructor and Referee D-License. She has DBS (CRB) to enhanced level and holds professional indemnity insurance.

Ilona competed regularly at local and national level and has taken Silver and Bronze medals in kata and kumite over the years. She placed in the semi-final in the 4 Nations cup championship in November 2012 and took Silver in Kata and Bronze in Kumite at the the 2013 Interclub competition between Yushikai Academy and Tairyoku Club. Sensie Ilona, now retired from competion reularly referee's at the JKA England National competitions.